Borderlands Granular Version 2.1 Adds Ableton Link, New Synthesis Options & More

Developer Chris Carlson has released a free update to Borderlands, an app that turns your iPad into a touch-controlled granular synthesizer.

The update features a variety of new features and improvements, including grain syncing with Ableton Link, new synthesis options, support for new iPads and more.

Here’s what’s new in Borderlands 2.1:

  • Tempo synced grains with Ableton Link
  • Semitone pitch tuning option per cloud
  • New waterfall-style streaming input mode
  • Overdub level control for real time inputs
  • ADSR mode with automatable trigger pad for each grain cloud Automate sound position, size, and rotation
  • New ring modulation, vibrato amount, and probability controls per grain cloud
  • Proper scaling on new, larger iPads and iPads with different aspect ratios
  • Scene contributions from Cristian Vogel, Electric Indigo, King Britt, Mikronesia, and Tom Hall.

Here’s a demo of the new features:

Borderlands Granular 2.1 – Tempo Sync, Trigger Probability, Solo Function

Borderlands Granular 2.1 – Waterfall In / Overdub, Automated Sounds, Semitone Pitch, ADSR

Pricing and Availability

Borderlands is available for $17.99 USD in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “Borderlands Granular Version 2.1 Adds Ableton Link, New Synthesis Options & More

  1. Amazing updates. This is still one of my favourite granulators on any medium, and it is fantastic to finally have Ableton link support

  2. When this first came out it was so new sounding. Now I have a bunch of pedals that do similar things. I am glad to see it is still around though.

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