XILS 505 Paraphonic String Machine Inspired By Roland RS-505

XILS Lab has introduced XILS 505, a new virtual instrument inspired by the Roland RS-505 paraphonic synthesizer.

XILS 505 is a software synth that’s tailored to three main functions: String Machine, Synthesizer & Bass Synth.And like the original RS-505 ‘Analog Orchestra’, it can do them all simultaneously.

The XILS 505 goes a step further, adding a vintage analog style ‘Human Choir Machine’. This can be an alternative oscillator source for the Synthesizer section. The XILS 505 version also exposes numerous hidden parameters of the vintage String Machine model.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The X-505 offers all the layering and tweaking possibilities of it’s glorious ancestor, including it’s precious balance between the Strings registers, and precise balance for all the inputs of the quadruple (yes 4) BBD Chorus unit.

More : A lot of hidden parameters are now exposed and available to tweak in the different X-505 panels for a much wider sound palette. A juicy sounding analog Phaser and the vintage reverb add to the pile.

Audio demos are available at the XILS Lab site.

Pricing and Availability:

XILS 505 is available now, with an intro price of €89.00 EUR (normally €149.00 EUR.)

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