Neunaber Audio Intros Hardware & Software Effects For Synthesizers

At the 2020 NAMM Show, Neunaber Audio was demonstrating its hardware and software effects with synths.

We talked with Neunaber’s John Bleeker, who gave us a quick demo of three products:

  • Inspire, a Tri-chorus effects pedal;
  • Immerse, a hardware reverb pedal that features 8 algorithms; and
  • Wet, a new reverb effect plugin for Mac & Windows.

Details are available at the Neunaber site.

8 thoughts on “Neunaber Audio Intros Hardware & Software Effects For Synthesizers

  1. Would have loved to hear a bass synth through that chorus. Sounds like it’s getting quite close to the Juno sound but the synth sound he used was too bland and uninteresting to really tell. Guess we’ll soon see comparisons with the Juno chorus come up on the internet anyway.

    1. I have the MKI and it is superb. I too am very picky about reverb, and I can get lost for days on the Wet algorithm. I just picked up the VST released yesterday. I hope it sounds as good as the pedal.

      1. Another Mark I owner here; it does sound fantastic. I especially like the infinite reverb effect you get by cranking the Depth knob past 3:00. I played a softsynth through the plugin version at NAMM and smiled.

  2. While I love the W3t (Wet v3) sound, I also really like the other reverbs on the Immerse MkII.

    I hope they consider adding the rest of the reverbs on their plugin– either as separate plugs or just as a mode option within the plugin. (Perhaps easier said than done).

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