Mazetools Soniface Audiovisual Synthesizer Gets Free Update

Developer Jakob Gruhl let us know that he’s updated Soniface, his touch-based audiovisual synthesizer for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac.

The update adds a new granular synthesizer, loop recording, improved in-app help and more.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.5:

  • Granulizer – Added a new granular synth to the soundscape sampler.
  • Loop Recording – Each parameter can be automatized by recording the movement.
  • Element identifiers – Semantic auto-naming of the sound elements
  • Touch-Input – Multitouch enabled Maze-Editor
  • In-App-Help – Improved content for module information
  • New samples, drums and demo content

Here’s a demo of Soniface in action:


  • Touch based audiovisual synthesizer grid & circular editing interface
  • Rhythm Interface featuring a drum step sequencer & sound modulation setup
  • Soundscape sampler incl. mic input, file library & sequencer
  • Geometric arpeggiator, note step sequencer with envelope controller
  • Color Interface system related to the color organ Scriabin and the circle of fifth
  • Realtime master sound to *.Wav audio recording
  • Pattern based song arrangement section
  • 12 grid shapes & special visualization settings
  • Shape interface for interactive sound modeling incl. 4 modes of synthesis
  • Effect automation section
  • Multi touch performance gestures to control audiovisual effects
  • Save/ load project file section (Mazes & Set)
  • MIDI input to play colors, notes and chords by keyboard or to link effects to controllers (not in Android, Win Phone & WSA)
  • In-app tutorial function incl. reading aloud mode
  • Plug & play 2nd display output for projectors (Lab only)
  • Sound playback from stereo up to 4.0, 5.1 & 7.1 surround (Lab only)

Soniface is available in several versions, for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows. See the Mazetools site for details.

One thought on “Mazetools Soniface Audiovisual Synthesizer Gets Free Update

  1. Wow! Really creative exploration tool. I’m kind of at loss for words on what this is. Very cool though. Free lite version to checkout.

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