AKAI MPC One Review And In-Depth Demo

The latest loopop video takes a look at the new AKAI MPC One – a $700 MPC that offers much of the power of AKAI’s flagship MPC X, but in a smaller and more affordable format.

Video Summary:

“The Akai MPC One is a music production sampler, synth and sequencer that works both standalone, as well as a controller for Akai’s MPC Music Production Software.

MPC One has a lot of the capabilities of its bigger brothers, the MPC X and MPC Live, in a much more compact and affordable package, though with some tradeoffs which I’ll cover.

In this video I focus what MPC One can do standalone, without a computer attached to it, compare it to MPC Live, go over its entire production workflow including all the ways you can sample and sequence, and of course discuss pros and cons compared to other competing products on the market.”


0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
2:25 Connectivity
4:20 Is it worth it?
4:45 vs MPC Live
5:55 Terminology
6:55 Track overview
8:55 Sample pool
9:50 Drum programs
15:20 Plugins
18:50 Keygroups
20:40 Auto sample
22:35 Clip programs
25:05 MIDI programs
26:50 CV programs
28:05 Audio tracks
30:10 Sampling
33:40 Looper
34:30 Resampling
35:45 Timing correct
35:55 Recording live
36:30 Step sequencing
37:40 Automation
41:00 Q-LINK knobs
43:45 Performance controls
46:20 Song options
49:35 Effects
52:40 Pros & cons

If you’ve used the MPC One, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

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