New Plugin, Krets, Lets You Create Custom AU, VST Audio Effects

Klevgrand shared this sneak preview of Krets – a modular audio environment that can be used in any DAW compatible with the AudioUnit or VST format.

The application is based on a set of modules that can be connected in different ways, where focus is on low level audio DSP processing. In Krets, you can combine modules that perform mathematical expressions and functions to create your own custom audio effects – anything from a compression algorithm to generative soundscapes.

You can save your custom effects patches to reuse and even share them with other users.

Pricing and Availability

Krets is currently in beta and is available as a free download.

7 thoughts on “New Plugin, Krets, Lets You Create Custom AU, VST Audio Effects

  1. It’s cool that there are a few of these kinds of vast DSP/Modular design environments. And it seems like they all differ a little bit in features and focus.

    Fascinating potential.

    1. Sounds like there are several of us thinking the same thing. Klevgrand has been releasing its plugins as AUv3. Not necessarily that soon after the desktop version and some of them only work on iPadOS. Still, we can think of them as part of our AUv3 scene.
      In this case, it could be particularly cool because it’d then be possible to create patches on the desktop and use them on smaller devices. Something similar could be done with Audulus… which isn’t AUv3. With miRack (which should become AUv3 in the not-so-distant future), patches for VCV’s Rack require some tweaking. There’s some iPadOS/iOS support for Puredata, though not yet in AUv3 (there’s been some talk about libPd into AUv3). We also can’t expect any kind of AUv3 goodness from Cycling ‘74 with Max, Native Instruments with Reaktor, Softube with Modular, Cherry Audio with Voltage Modular…
      As was explained in comments to a CDM post, Csound code can run on diverse platforms… though not in AUv3 (Cabbage AUv3 would be a major thing!).

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