Sequential Prophet X Gets New Features, Sound Libraries & More

Sequential today announced updates for the Prophet X line of flagship hybrid samples+synthesis keyboards, including:

  • a new OS;
  • two full-featured third-party sample editing applications; and
  • several new add-on sample libraries.

Prophet X OS v2.2 adds several user-requested features, including 24 additional User Sample Groups, support for crossfades on forward-backward loops, and the capability to modulate between tempo-synced LFO values.

The new OS is designed for both the Prophet X and Prophet XL and can be downloaded from the Prophet X/ XL support page on Sequential’s website.

Prophet X Sample Editing Applications

Sequential also announced support for the Prophet X in two third-party sample creation/editing tools:

  • The first, PXToolkit, is a free application from developer ThinkerSnacks which offers drag and drop file creation with automatic extraction of pitch and loop metadata from .WAV files, as well as support for multi-sampled instruments, multiple velocity layers per key, and round-robin sample selection and playback. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the ThinkerSnack site.
  • The second tool, SAMPLEROBOT Pro 6.5 from Skylife, brings Prophet X support to their auto-sampling and sample editing application. It supports multi-sampled instruments, multiple velocity layers per key and offers powerful looping and editing tools. The software is available for purchase from Skylife’s site.

Prophet X Sound Libraries

The company also highlighted a growing list of third-party sound libraries for the Prophet X line.

These include:

  • 8Dio, with eight Prophet X-specific products to date. These include deep-sampled versions of vintage instruments such as the Yamaha CP70, ARP 2600, Oberheim OB-X, Sequential Prophet-5 and T-8, Roland Jupiter 4, and Moog Prodigy and Minimoog Model D synths.
  • Replicants from Modulatable Synthesis (samples of the Deckard’s Dream poly synth)
  • The 9000 Foot Piano from Pianobook (samples of a renowned Yamaha grand piano)
  • BlueWave from Goldbaby (samples of the PPG Wave 2.2)
  • VCO Pack from ThinkerSnacks VCO samples from the Neutron, OB-6, Dreadbox Erebus, and Moog Voyager)

“We’re excited about the support that the Prophet X is getting from third-party developers. Clearly they feel, as we do, that it’s a hugely powerful synth with incredible potential,” commented Dave Smith. “Having access to these new editing tools and add-on sample packs makes an already-awesome musical tool even more versatile. ”

Details on the Prophet X are available at the Sequential site.

5 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet X Gets New Features, Sound Libraries & More

      1. Well-made instruments do, and are a lot more inspiring to work with than gear that’s cheaply made, or that has stripped-down features.

        I’ve still got three Sequential instruments from the 80’s, and they’re all still great instruments and they’re all worth more than what I paid for them.

        The Prophet XL is one of those synths that I think will be worth saving for.

  1. i saw one used at GC for just over half of retail. I thought about snatching, but i also thought that was a lot of value to lose in such a short time. so i started googling the user experience and many were complaining about an overly buggy os which scared me off. whoever got that incredible GC deal just got a priceless gift in this brand new os. i bet the used price just jumped $500-$1000.

    1. Wow, that seems like an awful lot to extrapolate from one data point!

      The X’s sell used for about 25% off new prices, which is pretty normal for something that’s not limited/vintage. has a useful tool for understanding the long term price trends for used gear.

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