Thorsten Quaeschning – The Munich Session (Live Synth Performance)

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Thorsten Quaeschning shared this video of his live solo performance at the Ambient Waves Festival, held in May 2019.

Quaeschning is active both as a solo artist and as part of Tangerine Dream, Picture Palace Music and Quaeschning & Schnauss.

The video captures his full set, which ranges from Mellotron ambiences to driving Berlin School sequences.

The performance was held at Nazareth Church in Munich, Germany. The recording is available on CD via Quaeschning’s site and also via digital music services.

2 thoughts on “Thorsten Quaeschning – The Munich Session (Live Synth Performance)

  1. Thanks a lot for this video! Now I can finally enjoy that concert. I had been there to see Thorsten Quaeschning but had to leave after maybe 10 minutes because you couldn’t HEAR A DANG THING! The PA was turned up to such an absurd level that it could not cope with the demand at all and was just producing horrible noise inside the small concrete venue (yes, I tried it with earplugs too, still only noise). Now you can hear that Thorsten’s music is actually delicate and dynamic!
    But the evening was no loss still since the concerts of the other groups had yielded some very nice bits! (Dieter Doepfer! Tangible Waves…) And lots of nice folks around. I hope they do this festival again this year. (only quieter please!)

  2. Fantastic performance! I’d love to see something like this live someday. Does anyone know of artists doing this type of music performing in the US midwest?

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