MU Modular Jam With Q119 & Dove Audio MuSeq Sequencers

Sunday Synth Jam: Synth designer Paula Maddox shared this live ‘Dual Sequencer Noodle’, with her MU modular synthesizer.

Maddox designs Euro and MU modules, which are available via Dove Audio. This performance offers a sneak preview of one of Maddox’s latest designs, the MuSeq step sequencer. 

The MuSeq, which is currently in development, is a new take on the classic 8-stage step sequencer design. Each stage has its own OLED display that shows settings for step, note, length, gate, tie, skip, etc. Each stage has two CV and two gate outputs. Unlike traditional step sequencers, the MuSeq can save sequences, each stage can have its own length and sequences can be chained.

In the video, the MuSeq is driving the bass sound, the arp sequence is from the Q119 being clocked by the MuSeq.

4 thoughts on “MU Modular Jam With Q119 & Dove Audio MuSeq Sequencers

  1. A lot of the modular jam videos I see aren’t very musical. It’s great to see a real musician (and synth designer!) in action. Go Paula!

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