Granular Synthesis In Eurorack With The Instruo Arbhar

Synthesist Omri Cohen shared this in-depth look at the Instruo Arbhar – a new Eurorack module that lets you explore granular synthesis.

The Instruo Arbhar is a module that’s designed for processing, mangling, and transforming audio into new sounds. It features six buffers with up to ten seconds of audio record time, plus an all samples linked mode.


  • Granular module
  • New granular algorithm, the Lexer method
  • Six buffers of up to ten seconds each
  • Polyphonic granular playback
  • Built-in condenser mic
  • Automatic capture control
  • Forward or backwards playback with probability
  • Input and output gain
  • Dry/wet control
  • Clock in/out
  • Includes 2hp expander

You can find out more about the Arbhar at the Instruo site.

4 thoughts on “Granular Synthesis In Eurorack With The Instruo Arbhar

  1. This is a very transparant explanation of granular synthesis in her most pure basics and what can be one with each particle or group of grains all based on a sounnd sample which can be – as soundsource – everything : natural sounds, acoustic music instruments, and all kinds of soundsynthesid sonics based on subtractive, additieve, fm, wavetable soundsynthesis and other methods/techniques. Thanks for this very interesting overview of possibilities of granular synthesis.

  2. Really cool, sounds great! How is the granular display done? Likely colored LEDS behind the panel, but is the panel itself all acrylic, or is it an overlay on an aluminum panel?

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