sonicLAB PaSSBot Offers A Massive Cloud Of Filters

sonicLAB has introduced PaSSBot,  a ‘stochastic filter bank’ plugin, designed to create a cloud of filters with complex modulation capabilities driving up to 64 unique parallel instances.

PaSSBot has a rich time domain modulation scheme at your finger which operates on various parameters of each filter parameter, with various modulation sources, such as many continuous and discrete types of probability distributions, standard waveforms, stochastic offset leveling and high & low limiters with dynamic transparency.

You can set the filter parameters individually, but also distribute them in harmonic order –  the harmonic spread ratio is can be set by the user and even can be modulated.


  • Filters type of IIR Biquad, StateVariableFilter, Ladder and Resonator are available. With behaviors of bandpass, Lo + Hipass. And upto 64 of them in true stereo.
  • User set values of center frequency, gain and resonance of each filter will be elaborated with complex stochastic generators ( 4 independent GENs ) with continuous, discrete probabilistic distributions but also with standard waveforms.
  • Four independent GENs for each filter (modulation generators) with loads of stochastic distribution sources. This makes upto 64 x 4 GENs running in parallel.
  • Each GEN can modulate a different parameter: Center freq, filter gain, filter bandwidth, harmonic spread ratio and stereo spatialization.
  • You can tune the filter frequencies to musical scales. PaSSBot can read .scala format scale files !
  • True two channel behavior for stereo imaging, and each filter position can be modulated on the stereo field.
  • The filter can run continuously or be triggered manually. In that case, each filter will be applied an independent AR envelope with configurable random duration.

Pricing and Availability:

PaSSBot is available now for MacOS & Windows, with an intro price of 49 EUR through March 7th, 2020 (normally 69 EUR).

10 thoughts on “sonicLAB PaSSBot Offers A Massive Cloud Of Filters

  1. The only demo with actual audio is a silly 1 minute video? I guess these folks are making so much money with their plugins that they do not need to bother.

    1. Pshaw. Demos for audio stuff? Just watch the pretty video and try to decide what, if anything, is being filtered.

      Oh look, a wave.

    2. The plugin is by sonic lab/nick batt, aka the best demoer of gear on the internet. relax, I’m sure it’s coming.

      and for what it’s worth, I have the $5 sonic lab freeze machines plugin and it’s worth way more than $5.

        1. wow, my bad, i only watched the video and did not click the link at first.

          this company should DEFINITELY change their name.

  2. SonicLab’s products certainly aren’t for everyone, but for those that appreciate the results, you’ll see that you truly get your money’s worth from the software in ways you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. They emphasize very deep explorations of stochastic composition. Beware though, some of their products can be very CPU intensive and they’re not ashamed to admit it!

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