Elektron Model Cycles Review & Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at the new Elektron Model:Cycles, a six-track FM-based groovebox.

Like its predecessor in the company’s ‘Model’ line, the Model:Cycles is designed to offer much of the power of Elektron’s flagship instruments, but also to be more budget- and beginner-friendly.

Check out the review and share your thoughts on the Model:Cycles in the comments!

Topics Covered:

0:00 Overview
4:00 Preset sounds
6:30 Tone machine
8:50 Chord machine
10:15 Kick machine
11:30 Snare machine
12:30 Metal machine
13:25 Perc machine
14:15 Sound design
14:40 Effects
16:40 LFO options
18:00 Velocity mods
19:50 Sequencing
21:00 Automation
22:50 Cond. trigs
25:35 Preset locks
26:50 Machine locks
27:20 Misc stuff
28:50 TIPS & IDEAS
28:50 Retrig jam
29:35 Attack hack
31:00 LFO groove
31:45 Decay hats
32:10 Jam tips
33:45 MIDI control
34:25 Poly hack
37:15 Pros & cons

One thought on “Elektron Model Cycles Review & Hands-On Demo

  1. 90s are back. Design wise stuff looks like used soap again.
    This stuff makes me wonder that all the other massive gear Elektron has produced now seem like even more elite kind of stuff. Meanwhile I’m happy with my Rytm mk1. Perhaps Rytm kind of stuff is more advanced and these new ones would suit nicely in shoegaze bands where rythm instrument is just something simple.

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