Polyend Teases New Sampler + Sequencer

Polyend shared this teaser video for a new hardware device that they’re planning to introduced in March 2020.

Here’s what they have to say about the video:

“Teasing, teasing! Yes, it is slick, it has a nice big knob, and yes it can sample too 🙂 More details in March, stay tuned.”

Based on their previous teaser video, the new Polyend sampler appears to have grid sequencing capabilities, like their earlier Medusa synthesizer and Seq step sequencer:

7 thoughts on “Polyend Teases New Sampler + Sequencer

  1. Sampler with a big ol’ knob. I gotta see this! Just dove into the medusa, the voice priority is all over the place. Makes me miss the analog four even more, at least you understood which voice was going to which OSC. Spending more time taming the beat than making patches.

  2. if this ends up being something along the lines of a computer-less monome with MLR-style sample and loop manipulation, it will be totally sweet.

  3. I think it’s interesting that the rhodes melody really could have been played live as it is without a sampler. And yeah, i get that it’s a demo.

  4. All we want is an atari esque midi only sequencer.Stable simple .no bloatware .
    Key edit.Grid edit.Track layout.

    1. I’ve gotten to the point where I just use Live to drive external gear. Yeah, a little sample/audio manipulation for ambient & spooky textures. Audio recording of vocals too. The only softsynth I would really consider even sticking in the mix these days would be Omnisphere, high-quality & shame that it’s not a piece of hardware. So, for me, Live is a light, efficient, and elegant solution. And the ease at which to bind external midi cc to performance functions is the icing on the cake.

      Maybe check out Reaper b/c it is stable, clean, and not a resource hog.

      Still love me hardware sequencers.

  5. whatever anyone would like, what Polyend would like is a sampling grid beat machine so that’s what they made, and if they made it like William Baker hopes they did then angels will sing because there is nothing like that and it’s way freakin overdue!!!

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