Using The Nord Drum 2 As A Polyphonic Synthesizer

This video, via NONsynth, demonstrates how the Nord Drum 2 drum synthesizer can also be used as a polyphonic synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

In this test vid, I use the Midibro in dispatcher mode to send single channel MIDI notes to the multiple channels of the ND2, turning it into a polysynth. I used the Edit Group settings to link all six channels and edit them as one.

Digging through the manual led me to this (wtf) description of the “Scl Pre” mode:

“Use the Scl Pre feature with an Edit Group to quickly set up different pitch relationships between pads.

The pitches will begin at the set pitch on the lowest numbered channel in the Edit Group and increase with a factor determined by the selected scale on the selected channels.

If a Scale has been used to set a pitch relationship, you can change the pitch of one channel without breaking the pitch relationship. This will move all the other pitches until one of the pitches reaches the maximum, or minimum pitch (“0” or “127.5”).”

And so begins my experimentation.

If you’ve used the Nord Drum 2 as a polyphonic synth, share your experiences in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Using The Nord Drum 2 As A Polyphonic Synthesizer

  1. It’s frustrating Nord never released the Nord Drum 3 module. The sounds are great. Nord Drum 2 is hard to find for a ‘normal’ price. Release a Nord Drum 4 desktop version already!

  2. Funny this comes up as I was just creating some cool drum patches last night on my ND2 when I “accidentally” turned a kick drum into an awesome FM bass sound and realised how cool this little machine can be as a melodic instrument as well as a drum machine. Definitely worth exploring the numerous synthesis engines in such territories.

  3. Well…. This instrument is already delivered with polyphonic synth presets… Did you really needed piano keys to realize that ?

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