Squarp Instruments Intros Rample 4-Voice Sample Player & Audio Processor

Squarp Instruments has introduced the Rample Waves System, a Eurorack multi-layered 4-voice sample player & audio processor.

Rample can play up to 4 .wav files on independent audio outputs – from percussive drum-machine kits to synth samples, breakbeats to sound FX, backing tracks to hour-long audio music.

Each voice supports up to 12 samples, can be played randomly or in a controlled fashion. Each voice also its own ‘rack’ of effects, and all audio effects can be enabled at the same time, allowing you to manipulate your samples in real time, with effects ranging from ‘a gentle lowpass to massive destruction’.


  • plays .wav files from the SD card, no duration limits
  • 4 independent voices & audio outputs
  • each voice included 5 audio effects + editing tools
  • each voice can be multi-layered
  • 4 assignable CV inputs
  • everything is controllable thanks to the midi input
  • microSD preloaded with artists kits, easy sample import

Pricing and Availability

The Rample is available to pre-order for $269 USD.

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