Wah Wah + Gate Plugin For Korg ‘logue Synthesizers Will Make You Say ‘YEEEEEEEEAHHHH!!!”

Hammondeggmusic has shared another in its series of donationware plugins for the Korg ‘logue synthesizers.

Wah Wah + Gate is a mod effect for your logue-sdk compatible synthesizers.

With it you can both run a very low to high speed LFO on a bandpass “wah”, and / or run an automatically re-triggerable amplitude gate LFO.

With this you can get some familiar effects – like the intro to The Who’s Don’t Get Fooled Again.

It’s available now as a donationware download.

11 thoughts on “Wah Wah + Gate Plugin For Korg ‘logue Synthesizers Will Make You Say ‘YEEEEEEEEAHHHH!!!”

  1. @montrealgia: Yep! I just tested it on the NTS-1 and it works. As the directions on the site say, make sure to use the wahwahgate.ntkdigunit version of the file. The autosweep function you get by turning the B knob to zero is brilliant.

    Thanks for reading my Synth & Software review. Let me know if you have any other questions. The NTS-1 has a lot of cool features below the surface.

  2. I’ve always played & luved Korgs, so I’m curious to see how far the alternate-‘logue-model process goes. Its not a traditional modular situation, but it sure broadens the instruments well.

    I’ve always been a centrally-minded workstation and then DAW player, so I’m curious: are any of you using a ‘logue as the centerpiece of your system?

    Between USB-MIDI and the CV-Gate option, it makes sense that anyone short of a Wakeman type would end up using it to feed other devices. So do you and why?

    1. Dave

      I’ve got a Korg Prologue and, while I think it’s a great synthesizer, it doesn’t really serve the role of being the center of a rig.

      Other keyboards – like the Analog Keys – are much more suited to being the ‘control center’ for a rig. The Analog Keys, for example, has a really powerful built-in multi-timbral synth, but can also sequence analog/cv gear and MIDI gear, and you can route the output of your external gear back through the Analog Keys to add effects. That sort of functionality isn’t available on the Prologue.

      I think the Korg Prologue was intentionally designed to be a big analog synth with traditional one-knob-per-function ease of use. There’s basically a knob for everything, you only need to go into menus for global configurations and for features where there are several options, like choosing which reverb to use.

      I’ve made about 50 of my own patches on it so far, and really like the way it sounds and plays. I haven’t got into loading multi-engine plugins yet, but that obviously is a deep rabbit hole, too. I just want to make sure I actually learn the built-in capabilities before spending money on add-ons!

      1. Agreed Prologue is not a workstation or main controller board. However, it’s awesome for making sounds itself.

        AnalOG, if you’re looking for any ME plugin recommendations, you must get Peter’s MO2_String and MO2_Modal. All of Peter’s work is excellent, but these are the most interesting of the bunch. Those two and Sinevibes Tube are my favorite – they’re so untraditional for an analog, but can be beautiful together.
        The Prologue is the only synth that I have made 82 presets without listening to more than a couple of the stock presets. I’ll admit, I’m not fairly deep with the vast majority of my synths… but this baby has excluded all else since I got it. Except the KRONOS, oddly cello and violin accompaniment goes well with the Prologue.

        Oh my, that wasn’t supposed to be that long. But the Prologue demands it! I’m addicted to ME plugins.

          1. Oops! OG, sorry I went too far down the rabbit hole without pulling everyone down inside with me 🙂

            Peter Allwin ported some Mutable Instruments code for an Elements/Plaits plugin. It’s pared down, but it delicious as it is. the two plugins I like the best are the Strike and String models. The others are cool, but these two are unique so far. Best of all? The code compiles!


    2. I use it as a side poly synth, with his friends Peak and Rev2. Excellent polysynth for straight forward sounds, but it doesn’t offer any advantage as a center piece IMOO. I use a Montage as main controller which makes more sense to me with cubase etc…

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