Project & Sample Management For Elektron Digitakt

David van Egmond (Dave Mech) shared this look at Elk-Herd, an online tool that you can use for project and sample management on the Elektron Digitakt.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

This tool is a life-safer 😉 I

‘ve gotten a lot of questions about how I manage my projects and samples on the Digitakt. Enter Elk-Herd. Made by mzero a.k.a. Electric Kitchen. This tool is the best thing happening to the Digitakt universe since possibly ever. Getting my live-set ready for a performance has never been so easy.

Note that to use Elk-Herd, you will need a browser that supports the WebMIDI standard.

7 thoughts on “Project & Sample Management For Elektron Digitakt

  1. I don’t see my self choosing to use browser based tools for music hardware. Part of the value of buying hardware is knowing that it’s going to be with you for many decades if well cared for. I wonder about the staying power of a support tool written for a web browser that sees constant security and API updates/changes. Perhaps it’s still better than trying to get SCSI to work in the modern era. Maybe running 30 year old browsers will be some kind of bizarre hobby in the future.

    1. I wouldn’t count on being able to use a browser-based solution forever, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from using it today.

    2. It looks like this is using web midi which is standardized by the W3 so it will probably be around for some time. It may actually turn out the other way around and a tool like this could still be working in modern browsers years into the future after the digitakt is discontinued and the version of overbridge which supports it won’t run on the latest mac os.

      1. The only caveat is that the web midi API is still in draft so it could change in theory, but otherwise I totally agree that web standards are much more reliable than desktop apps. Easier to build, more portable, less likely to break on any given OS update.

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