Berlin School Style Improvisation With Cirklon & NDLR

Sunday Synth Jam: Dutch synthesist Martin Peters shared this Berlin School style synth improvisation, centered around the Sequentix Cirklon step sequencer and a Conductive Labs NDLR multi-channel generative arpeggiator.

Here’s what Peters has to say about the technical details of his performance:

“I got the NDLR at the end of last December and it is a great source of inspiration.

The Cirklon clocks the NDLR and sequences the NDLR’s chord progressions by sending CC messages. The NDLR drives the Mopho and the Korg ARP Odyssey, as the 2 motif’s, and the Roland JD-800, as the pad.

The Cirklon drives the for the bass, the SEM, the Plaits and the Braids for the snare sound.

Some soloing on the Moog Voyager Old School, the Moog Prodigy and the Moog Polymoog Synthesizer.

This all is recorded in 1 take. Sorry for my bad camera work and the fact that the camera stopped after 15 minutes. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless.”

10 thoughts on “Berlin School Style Improvisation With Cirklon & NDLR

  1. Martin, I always enjoy your work. Its inspiring in subtle ways & the flow is good. I envy your Polymoog! I got to dabble in one for a while, so I understand the love for them. Its more like a quirky combo organ than a synthesizer, but when it works properly, it has some interesting muscle.

  2. “Berlin School Style Improvisation With Cirklon & NDLR (and some beautiful synths programmed and blended perfectly)”

    Fixed your HED. No charge. 😉

    Amazing work, Martin.

  3. 2nd headline alternative:

    “Gorgeous Berlin School improvisation that sounds like what we all dream we could pull off if only we owned this gear (but prolly couldn’t.)”

    1. Most softsynths can get very close to all of this and in some cases much more creatively. With the NDLR running Ableton or a multi-channel synth, you could go wherever your imagination and determination takes you.

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