Synthplex Announces Musical Artists, Performance Schedule

Organizers of the upcoming Synthplex synth-centric expo and electronic music festival have announced the performance schedule for the show, which is March 26 – 29 at the LA Burbank Airport Convention Center. The event features a live music festival Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and all day Sunday from a variety of artists in the world of electronic music, including the following performances, all in QUAD:

Thursday night at Synthplex features a tribute to the late keyboard legend Keith Emerson, with The Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla performing Keith’s music. Many of Keith’s film scores and highlights of the Keith Emerson Tribute film will be shown in addition to the live performers.

Friday night features performances from composer Jeff Beal, of “House of Cards” and “Monk” fame, and from synth pioneer Patrick Gleeson, known for his groundbreaking work with Herbie Hancock and the soundtrack to “Apocalypse Now.”

Saturday night features music from an talented roster of musicians including electronica artist BT, wind controller and flute innovator Pedro Eustache, and multifaceted artist Laura Escudé (pictured), who designs and programs live shows for artists such as Kanye West, Jay Z, and Herbie Hancock in addition to creating her own brand of innovative, avant-garde, string-based electronic music.

A full listing of artists and scheduled performances is on the Synthplex site.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

Synthtopia received this event update from Synthplex Co-Founder Michael Lehmann Boddicker, which we are passing along to our readers in full:

Synthplex Co-Founders Michael Lehmann Boddicker (L) and Michael Learmouth (R)

Synthplex has been inundated with e-mails and calls today related to the Coronavirus and our electronic music expo. The partners, vendors, artists and speakers have been following the events for the last several months and particularly the last three weeks. We’ve been checking with other organizations holding events, the Centers for Disease Control, the state of California, and the expo hotel. At this point, everything is on.

Unfortunately, the timing is terrible. People without underlying health conditions under the age of 60 are at a very low risk for serious illness. One of the Synthplex partners does not fall into that category but 98% of the other attendees do. At this point in time, we feel safe enough that we will both be there. If an individual has an underlying health condition, that person needs to make a personal choice.

At the convention, we will be emphasizing ways to reduce disease transmission (that includes flu and colds as well as the Coronavirus) through hand-washing and other standard safety practices. The hotel events coordinator has assured me that hand-sanitizer will be available in the meeting rooms and in public spaces as an added precaution.

[Over the weekend,] I had a phone conference with the hotel, a meetings consultant, talked with Burbank, Los Angeles and Los Angeles County* health departments as well as following the latest postings on the Los Angeles County Public Health website and the Centers for Disease Control website. All of the sources say government, business, and large gatherings need to be proactive, take precautions, and become educated about the virus. We need to make calm and rational decisions, wash our hands thoroughly, and try to keep a safe distance from others who may be ill.

We will continue monitoring the situation until the start of Synthplex in case things change.

* From the Los Angeles County Public Health Department ( ): “At this time, there is no immediate threat to the general public and no special precautions are required. Los Angeles County residents, students, workers, and visitors are encouraged to engage in their regular activities and practice good public health hygiene, as this is the height of flu season across the County.”

Editor’s Note: Synthtopia plans on attending Synthplex. Find us at the expo and learn our secret (not really secret) COVID-19 handshake (which is not actually a handshake).

13 thoughts on “Synthplex Announces Musical Artists, Performance Schedule

  1. Thanks for re-posting the update, glad to see their response. Fingers crossed, really looking forward to this show!

  2. Expert opinion is that the US is running about 11 days behind Italy in terms of infection risk so I think it’d be wise to take that into account.

  3. Not canceling this is dumb given the current state of the virus. What could go wrong with people sharing headphones and all touching knobs….

  4. Again (and I know I keep saying this) small event operators do not have much flexibility when it comes to choosing insurance options, so if they choose to cancel the event they are probably on the hook for all the costs and the event will go bankrupt. To get insurance coverage of a forced cancellation, they need to be told not to go ahead by a local authority.

    Really, I think organizers need to be more honest about this – this is the 3rd small convention that has had an announcement like this in the last week. But of course if they are honest the economic cost to them will be severe because many people will just not attend. Looking at what is going on elsewhere and the low level of preparedness in the US, I think it’s irresponsible for LA county not to be canceling events of this sort.

  5. I didn’t receive any replies neither from Eventbrite, nor Synthplex team regarding refunds. Event was postponde twice without any notifications and options for a refund. I feel scammed for over $200 which might be nothing for people like Michael Lehmann Boddicker and Michael Learmouth who state that, quote “Putting on Synthplex is a ‘labor of love’ community service (read: not for profit)”.

    Great community service is to rip people off in the mid of a pandemic, when every dime counts and people hardly can pay their rent (including myself).
    Such shame and disgrace, once again rich people take advantage of less privileged.

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