Roland MX-1 Controller Gets Unofficial VST & Standalone Editor

Developer Momo Müller has released an unofficial MIDI editor for the Roland MX-1.

With the Roland MX-1 Editor, you can record the movements of the Roland MX-1 Mix Performer, so you can edit a mix or create a live set. The automation of the controls is saved with your DAW project.


  • Integrate the Roland MX-1 into your DAW.
  • Save your Mixer settings as VST Presets (.fxp) in the DAW.
  • With the X-Y-Pads, all parameters can be selected and controlled.
  • VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac 64 Bit as VST, AU and Standalone.

Pricing and Availability

The Roland MX-1 Editor is available now for 5,90€.

6 thoughts on “Roland MX-1 Controller Gets Unofficial VST & Standalone Editor

  1. I wish someone did this for the Yamaha 01v96i. I’d gladly pay for that. So many useful features hidden under the hood… (yamaha software is garbage, IMO)

  2. I wish Elektron it even Roland would make a new version of this mixer. It’s such a great idea but the whole “Aira” thing is over. Just put lots of analog inputs on it.

    1. A multi input analog mixer with digital loopers on each input with a midi hub that sends tempo out to all your midi instruments.

      It’s been in my head for a few years now, so it has to also be in the head of someone more entrepreneurial minded and coming down the pipeline.

      Add in Elektron sequencing and it’d be a winner for sure.

      1. Would be dreamy if that someone also considered adding 1-4 analog clock outputs along with the ability to divide/multiply a couple of them.

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