Node Live (Sneak Preview)

Synthesist Dave Bessel shared this sneak preview of their upcoming live performance video, Node Live.

Bessel says that the concert video should be available to buy soon.

Node is a sort of ‘synth supergroup’, made up of large format synthesists that all have successful careers outside of the group: producer Flood; producer and composer Ed Buller; Doctor of Music Dave Bessell; and Hollywood film composer Mel Wesson. Because of their various careers, their recordings and live performances – with huge walls of synths – are rare undertakings.

In the Synthtopia interview with Node, they had this to say about their live performance:

“The main challenge of putting on a performance with that much equipment is just logistics. Its very expensive to move and insure that amount of vintage kit.

The performance at the Royal College of Music was really a thank you to the hard core Node fans who have supported us along the way. It’s not viable from any sensible financial perspective to mount a performance of that sort, unless you can attract an audience of several thousand. Basically the album sales and our publisher made that gig possible, along with the generous help of the Royal College of Music.”

You can preview the Node Live audio recording below or on Bandcamp:

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