ContinuuCon Electronic Music Conference Canceled Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Organizers of ContinuuCon 2020 have cancelled this year’s event because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

They shared this statement via Facebook:

ContinuuCon Electronic Music Conference Canceled

March 16, 2020, Palmela, Portugal: In light of recent developments concerning the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, ContinuuCon 2020 has been canceled.

Anyone who purchased a ticket to attend will receive a refund.

The pandemic has already resulted in the cancellation or postponement of multiple music industry events, including SxSW, Musikmesse 2020, Ableton Loop, Superbooth & Synthplex 2020.

The annual ContinuuCon is an opportunity for synthesists, sound designers, software developers, and electronic music enthusiasts to explore expressive synthesis with the Continuum Fingerboard and ContinuuMini.

3 thoughts on “ContinuuCon Electronic Music Conference Canceled Over Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Aw, I was hoping to share microscopic bits of dubious goo with hundreds of strangers as we all grope the same gear at once! Regrettable, but also wise. Better disappointed for a season or so than infected. This will hurt a lot of businesses, so keep up & try to get back to supporting your regulars ASAP. Don’t panic. Its a sobering wake-up call, but its not the pre-Walking Dead. Stop hoarding TP, you don’t have to crap that hard over this.

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