Free Sample Library From Hainbach – ‘Isolation Loops’

Synthesist Hainbach has shared a free sample collection, Isolation Loops, in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“As more and more of the world goes into Covid-19 quarantine, I thought it would be nice to have a few sounds to get inspired from.

I made a mini-Hainbach soundpack for you to make music with, containing some of my most favorite instruments: the Metasonix D1000 drummachine, whose hummy excellence I have enjoyed for long. The amazing Juno60 run through the nicest passive bandpass filters known, acoustic soundtrack loops with prepared piano, my beloved Ciat-Lonbarde modular, humble dictaphone piano loops and of course raw test equipment.

This soundpack is free until the crisis is over, but of course if you have money to spare it is much appreciated.

See Hainbach’s Bandcamp page for details.

If you like the free sound pack, you can also find more at Hainbach’s Patreon page.

9 thoughts on “Free Sample Library From Hainbach – ‘Isolation Loops’

  1. Danke, Hainbach. Those are some inspiring moments of creative madness. I know I’ve found a winner when things such as your pads & “unfolding event” sounds lead me to new ideas.

  2. Hainbach – Our local hospitals are admitting new cases of those seriously ill because of the virus every day. My spouse works there, and I spend my days worrying. Thanks for your generosity. The sounds are wonderful. I’ve already thought of ways I’lll use several of them.

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