New Morphing Patch Editor For The Sequential Prophet Rev2 Synthesizer

Developer John Keston (Audio Cookbook) has introduced REV2 Degrader (R2DG), a morphing patch editor for the Sequential Prophet REV2 polyphonic analog synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The application is designed to algorithmically morph parameters on the instrument in real time. Keep playing or record the results as up to one-hundred-twenty-one parameters on the REV2 are changing all at once!

Use R2DG to create anything from chaotic rapidly changing textures to slow evolving drones. REV2 Degrader breathes new life into the Prophet REV2 allowing you to explore vast unique soundscapes illustrating how powerful and diverse the possibilities of the REV2 really are.

This tool is designed to help you uncover new territory hidden within the sonic depths of your instrument.

Pricing and Availability

REV2 Degrader is available now for MacOS for $39.99 USD.

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