New Polyend Tracker A Portable Standalone Audio Workstation

Polyend has introduced Tracker, a new portable workstation that offers a modern hardware take on the classic software tracker.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Tracker takes the quintessential characteristics of a classic tracker — the vertical timeline, powerful sequencer, and mechanical keyboard — and cleverly combines them with a newly-designed input interface, divided into several sections: a (high resolution, crisp, and bright) big screen and associated screen keys — mechanical controls that always correspond to what is displayed on the screen directly above them; the grid — featuring 48 backlit multifunctional silicon pads for quick note and pattern value entry and visual feedback (while also acting as a highly-customisable keyboard controller with editable scales); function keys — for fast and responsive control over all functions and options; plus navigation keys and associated (metal-manufactured) jog-wheel (with haptic feedback for fast scrolling or precise adjustments) — for facilitating transport control alongside arrow keys for navigation control, as well as dedicated Insert, Copy/Paste, Delete/Backspace, and Shift keys.

All are at hand, helping to streamline making and performing music in a new and innovative way — without having to leave the world’s first hardware tracker, deftly designed as an easy-to-use compact standalone workstation with immediacy and simplicity at its creative core, and aiding artists with forging unique avenues of sonic construction to boot.

Better still,the classic tracker look of that dominating (default) screen — showing (up to) 48 instruments and 256 patterns with a maximum of 128 steps per pattern per project — belies an infinite source of inspiration.

Key Features:

  • Large screen, ergonomic keyboard, and a big knob for fast and easy navigation
  • Standalone and portable
  • Sampler, Wavetable or Granular Synthesizer and FM Radio
  • Step Sequencer and Song Arranger
  • Performance mode lets you creatively break, mangle, and augment your patterns when playing live.
  • Bidirectional MIDI

Performance Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Polyend Tracker is available to pre-order for $599 USD.

13 thoughts on “New Polyend Tracker A Portable Standalone Audio Workstation

  1. This looks awesome and I’m always glad to see coverage for any kind of tracker. Unfortunately I don’t think many people in the near future are going to be prioritizing musical equipment purchases over essentials like food.

    1. Tracker is the name of the product. They’re introducing their hardware, stand-alone tracker, called Tracker.

      Comparing them to Behringer seems unfair. I mean how similar are they? If a company releases yet another grid stepper, are they ripping off all the other grid steppers out there? When Behringer releases YASS (yet another subtractive synth) they are often cloning some device practically in its entirety. Is that what is happening here?

      PolyEnd seems to be making innovative products. I got no beef with them. If you like trackers, you should be happy about this. It means more people will be joining you in that weird, cool little club.

    2. Well in that regard Nerdseq is a ripoff of Amiga trackers and Fast Tracker then!

      But seriously even if they are both tracker sequencers, Nerdseq and Polyend Tracker are two completely different product.


      (ps, I love trackers. This is great news for this workflow. @Leslie, often trackers can accept MIDI input with velocity. I’m not sure if those pads would support an update for velocity sensitivity… or if the thinking was to emulate the QWERTY keyboard input from trackers of yore.)

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