Polyend Tracker Review & Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at the new Polyend Tracker, a hardware workstation, based on the classic tracker workflow.

The Polyend Tracker features sequencing, synthesis, sample editing, live recording, MIDI support and more.

Check out the review and share your thoughts about the Tracker in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Tracker basics
2:40 Overview
5:05 Connectivity
6:10 Sample loader
8:10 Sampling
9:10 Sample Editor
11:30 Sequencing
14:00 Fill
17:20 Recording live
18:00 FX1 & FX2
20:15 Grid tips
22:50 Song mode
24:50 Perform mode
27:40 Master controls
28:25 Sample playback
29:15 Slicing
30:45 Wavetable
33:15 Granular
35:45 Instrument params
37:05 Modulation
39:45 MIDI Sequencing
41:30 Misc Q&A
42:50 Pros and cons
45:20 A few songs

11 thoughts on “Polyend Tracker Review & Hands-On Demo

  1. Interesting but ultimately quite simplistic as far as trackers go. Its not even in the same galaxy as renoise…

    seems like they are leaning on the novelty of “wow its a tracker!!” pretty hard on this, considering the spec list (8 monophonic tracks, no internal fx, etc.)

    so i guess if youve never seen or used a tracker before, this might be EXCITING! and UNIQUE! and all that… so yeh, live it up

  2. A great device, but I would love to have seen this styled on the first Atari cubase software.
    The first Cubase was perfect for midi sequencing .
    It is exciting to see sequencing getting made into hardware devices.

  3. Maybe nobody want to say this but: this is the cheaper version of the Akai mpc one. Budget-wise good to have it on the market. My personal taste goes however more in the direction of the mpc one.

    1. How is this even remotely similar to an MPC one? They’re completely different devices with near opposite workflows in the way they sequence music, simply by being a tracker. If you like trackers, you might be interested in this. If you don’t, well, obviously you look for something else. But comparable?

    2. “No one wants to say it” because you are wrong. It’s not a cheaper version of an MPC. This clearly has an entirely different workflow and is aimed at a different clientele. Different music will be made on this vs an MPC. You might as well be saying an MPC One is a cheaper version of an Octatrack or Ableton Live.

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