Free Synthwave Soft Synth From Native Instruments, Analog Dreams

Native Instruments has released Analog Dreams – a software synth based on samples of analog synthesizers – as a free download.


  • Analog sounds from vintage synths of the ’70s, ’80s, and beyond
  • Blended samples creatively processed to generate unique results
  • Ready-to-go presets in a streamlined interface

It’s a free download from the Native Instruments site.

22 thoughts on “Free Synthwave Soft Synth From Native Instruments, Analog Dreams

  1. It runs fine in just Kontakt (full version or free player) – it’s a Kontakt library, after all.

    You don’t have to use Komplete Kontrol ~
    That’s only needed if you want the full integration with the NI keyboards or Maschine ~which is way cool, BTW!!

  2. These “free” downloads from the bigger software companies always have a million hoops to jump through. Also I can guarantee you can make all these synthwave sounds with Synth-1, if you want.

    1. Mac, or PC?

      The early releases definitely had hiccups, but for the last couple of years Native Access has worked great for me on my Windows 10 PC. I have libraries spread across several drives (including a USB SSD), and after relocating them with Native Access, I haven’t had any issues at all.

      For me at least (and likely a large majority of the NI user base), Native Access has been reliable and WAY easier to use than the old Service Center app.

    2. Works flawlessly for me on Mac OS. I used it to install the full Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors Edition plus dozens of Expansions and didn’t have a single issue,

  3. How can I say this without being ungrateful. Stuck at home like everyone else, lost my job…this seems like a nice gesture, unless you’ve already bought this. Maybe a voucher towards another product for people who already gave them their money for this?Being a customer shouldn’t be a penalty…

    1. Reading comprehension dude ~
      “Get ANALOG DREAMS free until March 31st” means that you can download it, for free, until March 31st.

      Free – as in, when you download it, it’s yours to keep.
      It’s not a time-limited demo.

      Maybe you’re thinking about the “Plugin Alliance Plugins Free For 1 Month” offer, which is apparently nothing more than a 30-day expiration period of all their plugin demos – that’s a completely different software vendor, not Native Instruments…

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