Bode Frequency Shifter Plugin For Korg Multi-Engine Synthesizers

Sinevibes Shift is a Bode Frequency Shifter plugin for Korg Multi-Engine synthesizers (Prologue, Minilogue XK and NTS-1).

Shift is modeled after an analog frequency shifter circuit developed in the 1960s by the German engineer Harald Bode. The algorithm shifts each frequency partial in the input by an equal amount up or down in the spectrum, thus changing the original frequency ratios between the partials – and making the output sound more and more atonal, non-pitched.

Pricing and Availability

Shift is available now for $19 USD.


8 thoughts on “Bode Frequency Shifter Plugin For Korg Multi-Engine Synthesizers

  1. Ring, Shift and Whirl were announced 2/7/20. They are all awesome! Ring and Shift make good atonal frequency synthesis. Whirl is very musical. These guys build software – so the plugins are very well crafted.

      1. Hey Artemiy! I’m loving Albedo + Drift together 🙂 loving forward to your next oscillator. I found Tube to be extremely expressive, either sweet consonance with the analog voices, or deeply detailed when layered with another digital oscillator. I am really digging the resonant modeling work folks like you are doing. It adds such an unexpected character to the synth – and each musicians version of oscillators and effects uniquely sculpt their personal sound.

        I couldn’t be more honest that I never expected to be where I am musically with this instrument. It comes as a complete surprise and joy to see what people come up with for plugins. I am busy for hours a day just exploring and creating.

        1. Very happy to hear that – and I second your feelings about the synthesizer itself! I do not remember having so much fun and so many “wow” moments with any piece of gear. It’s incredible how much you can pack into a single machine and indeed spend hours in this pretty much meditative state making incredible sounds.

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