Korg Volca Sample Alternate Firmware Adds Chromatic Sample Control & More

Here’s an overview, via Streamlabs, of Pajen’s unofficial alternate firmware for the Korg Volca Sample.

The alternate firmware adds chromatic sample control, velocity sensitivity, playback probability and more. It’s available as a free download.

Note: This is unofficial firmware and is not supported by Korg. You can download the current official firmware from the Korg site.

Topics covered:

Intro 00:00
New Global Setting 00:15
How to enter global setting mode 00:19
Global Setting #9 – Original MIDI 00:34
Global Setting #10 – Sequencer MIDI 00:49
Extended Menu Setting 01:00
Ext Menu – SEL 01:22
Ext Menu – SAMP 01:49
Ext Menu – Patr (Pattern Map) 02:13
Ext Menu – Py.2/3/4 (Polyphony) 02:37
Ext Menu – BrFL (Bar Filter) 02:58
Ext Menu – ntFL (Note Filter) 04:00
Ext Menu – dron (Insta-drone) 04:14

Update: Here’s a demo, via Petter Ericson, of Beta 7 of the alternate firmware:

8 thoughts on “Korg Volca Sample Alternate Firmware Adds Chromatic Sample Control & More

    1. Not natively, samples are mono. Tracks can be panned in stereo (with automation), and there’s a master bus reverb in stereo though.

      You could probably get away with having each channel in a seperate sample, and using two hard panned channels on the volca.

  1. What some haven’t quite clocked yet is that because of the MIDI architecture of the Volca Sample, and the fact that each voice is on a separate MIDI channel, and presumably can also respond to pitch bend data, the Sample has the potential to supporting proper microtonality. Next firmware update please!

  2. Look Korg! Its a shame that a Million $ company can not come up with something like this by its own. If you are a nice company pay these guys.

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