Toybox Modular System Updated With 20 New Modules

Toybox Audio has released an update to its Toybox Synth Bundle, a collection of 130 modular software synthesis blocks for Reaktor Player.

New features in version 1.1 include a revamped Piano Roll, improved polyphonic support and 20 new blocks.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • GUI improvements – including a completely revamped GUI for the Piano Roll blocks with new features and improved workflow. Plus GUI improvements to many of the other blocks in the bundle.
  • Improved polyphonic connections – any type of output, polyphonic or monophonic can now be connected to any type of input. A polyphonic output can even be connected to combinations of polyphonic and monophonic inputs simultaneously.

20 New Blocks, including:

  • Real Verb – A high quality, realistic reverb effect with a choice of early reflection patterns. The ‘DIFF’ (diffusion) control sets the smoothness and density of the tail. There are also controls to reduce sample rate, bit depth and increase saturation for gritty, vintage digital reverb effects.
  • Box Verb – A reverb effect used to simulate boxes, containers and small spaces.
  • Wavetable (Polyphonic) – A polyphonic wavetable based oscillator. The wavetables can be scanned in 2 dimensions across a 16 by 16 grid with many unique ways of twisting and warping the waveforms.
  • Chord Bank (Polyphonic) – A block that stores a bank of 120 chords (each with up to 6 notes). The chords can be selected using the PITCH input or triggered using the PITCH and GATE inputs together.
  • Clock Multiplier – A 4 channel clock multiplier. The block automatically inserts a number of clocks in between each clock arriving at the inputs, for each channel. Perfect for creating complex polyrhythmic patterns from a simple clock input.
  • Gate Probability – Thins out gates arriving at the gate inputs. The probability of gates being passed by each channel is set by value of the PROBABILITY knobs in %. The block operates in 4 modes:
    • MODE 1 = Each channel operates independently.
    • MODE 2 = Channel 1 is sent to either output 1 or 2, channel 3 is sent to either output 3 or 4.
    • MODE 3 = Channels 1, 2 & 3 are cascaded (channel 1 is sent to either output 1 or feeds channel 2, channel 2 is sent to either output 2 or feeds channel 3), channel 4 is independent.
    • MODE 4 = Channels 1, 2, 3 & 4 are cascaded.
  • Quantize – Quantizes the input signal by the value of the STEPS knob.
  • Sequential Switch – An 8 input, 8 output switch. The connections between input 1 and the 8 outputs or between the 8 inputs and output 1 are switched using a sequencer. The position of the sequencer is incremented by gates received by the GATE input. (Note: this block will also be added to the upcoming V1.2 Free Pack update.) This is an extremely versatile and powerful block that can be used in may ways to combine, split and splice gate and audio signals.
  • Split – Splits incoming notes between 3 sets of pitch and gate outputs using 3 different modes: NOTE, VELOCITY & MIX.
  • Split (Polyphonic) – Splits incoming polyphonic notes between 3 sets of pitch and gate outputs.
  • Transpose (Polyphonic) – Transposes polyphonic pitch signals. A scale button applies ‘autotune’ style pitch snapping to the output.
  • Voice Split – Each voice of the polyphonic input is sent to a different monophonic output.
  • Keyboard – A dual keyboard display that can also be used to trigger or perform notes with the mouse.
  • MIDI Out (Polyphonic) – Converts polyphonic pitch and gate signals to MIDI notes and also offers four channels of MIDI CC output.
  • Mono Note Merge (Polyphonic) – Merges mono pitch and gate signals together and outputs the merged notes to a pair of polyphonic pitch and gate ports. Click on the LEDs to mute each channel.
  • Mutes X8 – A bank of 8 mute buttons.
  • Note Delay (Polyphonic) – Delays the polyphonic signals arriving at the ‘Pitch’ and ‘Gate’ inputs. The block has controls for transposing the pitch of the delayed notes and snapping the pitches to a scale.
  • Note In (Polyphonic) – A polyphonic MIDI input block.
  • Gate Merge – Merges gate signals together. If a gate signal is already positive at one port when a new gate arrives at another port then the output will momentarily drop to zero triggering a fresh gate at the output. Includes a new SUM mode, when enabled the gates are added together rather than merged resulting in a higher output when multiple gates arrive at the same time.

See the Toybox site for details.

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    1. Nope. Different kind of building blocks. Reason’s are typically full instruments or effects while these blocks are general equivalent to modular modules.

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