ASM Hydrasynth Gets Free 128 Patch Sound Library

Ashun Sound Machines has released a new free custom patch bank for the Hydrasynth.

Here’s what they have to say about the free sound library:

“Programmed by The Sun God RA a.k.a. Roger Austli, the 128 patches in this patch bank are the result of Nordic winters in the 1980’s; icy winds, frozen breath, the darkness of the polar night, yet rays of sunlight, warm pads and fireplaces.

All patches makes perfect use of the Polyphonic Aftertouch feature of both the Hydrasynth Keyboard and Desktop, and the Ribbon Controller of the Keyboard offers that extra bit of control for the patches. The featured Macro function of each patch re-arranges the atmosphere from one extremity to the other, not unlike the arctic winters of Norway.”

The patch bank is available as a free download from the ASM site.

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