SRX PIANO I & SRX PIANO II Now Available In Roland Cloud

Roland has added SRX PIANO I  and SRX PIANO II to Roland Cloud, based on the SRX wave expansion board series.

Based on Complete Piano and Concert Piano, the second and eleventh titles in Roland’s legacy SRX wave expansion board series, SRX PIANO I and SRX PIANO II offer stereo-sampled concert pianos:

  • The samples in SRX PIANO I were taken from a rare European piano, using high-end mics and converters to preserve its soft, delicate voice and natural resonance.
  • SRX PIANO II presents an 88-note acoustic grand. This world-class piano was recorded in high-resolution stereo, with four-way velocity switching and other nuances.

The SRX software synthesizer plug-ins bring the sounds of Roland’s legacy SRX and SR-JV80 wave expansion boards to your modern music production workflow. Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB) technology fuses the original sample ROM with advanced behavior modeling that replicates the hardware’s digital components and circuitry.

Sounds can be edited via an intuitive interface and saved in the plug-in for use across different projects.

Each SRX plug-in features deep synth editing parameters to customize sounds any way you like. Knobs and sliders on recent Roland hardware synthesizers like the SYSTEM-8 can map to the plug-ins.

Both are available for immediate download with a Roland Cloud membership.

8 thoughts on “SRX PIANO I & SRX PIANO II Now Available In Roland Cloud

  1. I picked up a Roland Integra-7 for a bangin’ price a few years back. It has all the SRX expansions and about six thousand sounds total, a good “bread and butter” workhorse type of unit. Some sounds are good, some are great, some are 90s cheeseball to the extreme but for some reason I still love them. What I’m trying to say it that, depending on what you’re using them four, the old Roland sounds can be a great addition to your musical arsenal.

  2. Roland Cloud has been nothing but 80’s and 90’s cheesy ROMPLERS for the last year or so, total waste of time, no development of anything interesting or useful, just filler, and not very good filler at that. Does anyone bother subscribing anymore?

    1. Agreed. Now that they seem to have discontinued their loyalty program, I’m questioning my sticking with it. I now own the 101 and 303 plugins through that, but like Uncle Rick I find that the only other one I go to regularly is the JV-1080 plugin for just the same reasoning… sometimes, you just need that Roland rompler sound. 🙂 So. hard. to. let. go.

      1. How come you think they have discontinued the loyalty program? I have had a chat with Roland just a few weeks ago and you still receive one instrument to keep after 1 year. According to them, nothing has changed – unless you have different, reliable infos.

  3. There a lots of great old Roland sounds that I really loved and enjoyed playing back in the day, but the only ones I would happily never hear again were the SRX pianos – lifeless and dull, I remember one review saying they sounds as though they’d been recorded with the microphone in a bucket of sand!!

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