Alteza Exospheric Space Simulation Processor Now Available For OS X

FAC has announced that Alteza, an ‘exospheric space simulation processor’, is now available for macOS.

FAC Alteza is designed to create ‘ethereal lush sound textures and dreamy space reflection’. It builds on the classic Shimmer effect, with additional parameters designed to make it very versatile.

Here some of features that make Alteza unique:

  • the input signal is not monoized by default, a knob allows to control the width of the input stereo image before reaching the reverb
  • the topology of the effect, based upon a series of All-Pass delays, allows to control the intrasec characteristics of the reverberation
  • the number of All-Pass delays per stage and the echo density are alterable in the main section and in the feedback section
  • two ultra low latency pitch shifters deliver progressive pitch-shifting of the reverberation tail or the input signal
  • the feedback section contains a source knob to control the source of the signal, from the input to the reverb

Pricing and Availability

Alteza is available now as an AUv3 Audio Unit Extension for $13.99 USD, or as part of the FAC Desktop Bundle. Alteza is also available for iOS.

2 thoughts on “Alteza Exospheric Space Simulation Processor Now Available For OS X

  1. Wow! Just downloaded this and I’m sold just on the init patch. This is atmosphere for days. Clear, unmuddied, ethereal. This is gold. Nice job.

  2. All of Fred’s plugins are infinitely useful. His Chorus is the best around on iOS, Bandit, Transient are excellent for giving drum tracks some extra life and Maxima is the finest exciter I have used. High quality developer here.

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