Roland Zenbeats Now Free For Android & iOS

Roland has released the full, unlocked version of its Zenbeats mobile DAW for Android & iOS as a free download.

The full mobile version of Zenbeats iOS & Android Unlock V1 includes:

  • All bundled instruments, effects, and features
  • Unlocked SampleVerse + 500MB content pack
  • Unlocked track effects and mixing options
  • Up to 2,000 Loops and Presets
  • AUv3 support (iOS only)
  • Stem Exporting

Pricing and Availability

Zenbeats is available as a free download. Note: A valid email account is required.

12 thoughts on “Roland Zenbeats Now Free For Android & iOS

  1. Why are they doing this? I actually don’t mind the Zenbeats sequencer. To me, it is one of the better choices if I were to use an iPad instead of Ableton Live. I really only wanted to spring for the upgrade for the midi in/out capability so my hardware can be driven from it…glad I don’t have to spend any money, which I can’t spare right now, on it. I went from a Roland basher to a Roland LOVER over the past few years. Roland cloud was nice when I played with it but software subscription anything can take a hike.

    One more thing: anything that includes the word ‘beats, beatz, or the like’ is a turn off. Hey, I’m gonna make a beat (sounds the same as all the other Garageband producers)

    1. Hey @ Swan-General Custard,
      “ Why are they doing this?”- Perhaps because of coronavirus…. sounds like you never heard of it…
      Anyway, BIG thanks Roland

      1. Dude, no need for snarkiness. Aside from the whole fucked up situation that the world is in thanks to the
        SEE SEE PEE virus, I was wondering if maybe the initial offering with its lack of midi amongst others, might not have been compelling enough for people to get onboard.
        Now leave me in peace as I drop a beat or two thank you for nothing

        Stay safe (even if your dickish)

            1. Wrong, freedom fries is patriotic jingoism at its lamest

              SEE SEE PEE places the bullseye right on the mark provided one follows the counter-narrative of the non-mainland free press (it might help if you can understand Mandarin & Cantonese)

  2. Who gives a crap what they call it? It’s a little quirky but very powerful in many ways. Giving it away is very generous. When I had some questions about certain functions they emailed replies within hours including a video demonstrating a certain operation. Thanks Roland!

  3. Well … free is a word …
    You can download an empty app for free. But you have to pay at least 50€ (Roland call this « points ») to unlock it with very basic features. 150€ for full.
    Installed / uninstalled. Thanks Roland.

  4. Hope this eases some minds: for iOS at least, there is an absolutely free unlock and VIP package.

    Go to the Store and look in the Unlocks section. The V1 iOS unlock should be free. I think tapping puts it in your cart, and you still have to go to the cart to complete the purchase…Igot the VIP free expansion by logging in

    Copy pasta from

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