Arturia KeyStep Pro Control Keyboard & Sequencer Now Available

Arturia has announced that the new KeyStep Pro control keyboard and step sequencer is now available.

The KeyStep Pro builds on the capabilities of the BeatStep Pro, adding a 37-note mini-key keyboard and adding an additional channel. It features 4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks. Track 1 can also function as a 16-part integrated drum sequencer.


  • 37 note slim keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitive
    • LED above each key for efficient visual feedback
  • Four track step sequencer
    • 16 step buttons, up to 64 steps per sequence
    • Up to 16 notes of polyphony per step
  • Melodic sequencer
    • Real-Time recording, step recording, step editing
    • Pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift and probability for each note
    • Scale quantization with user scales
    • Polyphonic CV outputs
  • Drum sequencer
    • 24 part drum sequencer
    • Polyrhythm
  • Performance-oriented sequencer
    • Forward and two random playing modes
    • Pattern randomization
    • Quantized or unquantized recording
    • Looper
  • Arpeggiator
    • 7 arpeggiator modes, 5 octave range
  • Chord mode
  • Controller mode
    • Use the 5 encoders to send CCs
    • Automate the CCs
  • Crisp OLED display
  • 4x (CV, Gate, Mod) outputs + 8 drum gate outputs
  • 1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, USB, Clock synchronization
  • Metronome with included speaker and line output
  • Sustain pedal input

Pricing and Availability

The KeyStep Pro is available now for $449/399€.

35 thoughts on “Arturia KeyStep Pro Control Keyboard & Sequencer Now Available

  1. Love the BSP with all its failings, gonna love this as well, with all its failings no doubt.

    R.I.P Gabi Delgado Lopez

    1. Enjoy making music in your empty home, clapping on your legs. You’ll have a hard time to find something that isn’t at least partial made in China.
      Start learning Chinese, that’s what we early adapters do. We welcome our new leader, better than the orange douche or that lying Brexit bunhole.

    1. It is unless you work with CV (Eurorack etc) – then it looks very cheap for 4 separate sequencers and 20 CV outputs…..

    2. It would be great if they released a version of this without the teeny-tiny keyboard. They could call it the Step Pro. Or maybe the Nokeystep. Or the Nostep.

  2. Gosh,i have an arturia keylab 49 keys myself but…i hate minikeys…and with these colours it looks more like an 80’s toy for kids :s

    1. What are you typing that response on? Because odds are very good it was at least partially made in China. Do you really think we can avoid giving any money to China in a global economy? It’s ideal to buy local in all things, but you realize even companies like Moog use Chinese parts, right?

    2. What’s with the attack on China? Most companies get things manufactured in China. It’s almost impossible to affordably make things in the USA these days unless it’s a giant grain bin or Tupperware.

        1. Some tweet is now the excuse to be openly racist? Hey, I have some memes, isn’t that what people use nowadays to educate themselves?
          Anyway, good luck with the boycott.

          1. 1. I never said I agree with a china boycott. I know that would be impossible for me and I would never condemn an entire nation for the actions of a few. All I said was that we shouldn’t act all “OMG WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM???” when people say stuff like that. Obviously you know why he/she said that. Stop with the baiting.

            2. it’s not just some tweet, like it came from some indignant teenager. It’s wrong and preliminary information from the most trusted health organization on the planet. Silence would have been much more prudent than conjecture at that crucial moment.

            3. China is not a race. There are many other countries in that region, with strong manufacturing capabilities, and majority of their citizens are of the same race as China. Some of those nations are even *gasp* democratic.

        2. they didn’t find it at the time. you’d rather they lied? that’s like blaming a shop for not having a synth in stock that hasn’t even been released by the manufacturer (even if there are already prototypes around and it clearly exists) – to dumb this down to synth metaphors.

      1. The CCP is not China. Isn’t it sad for how cheaply the betrayal of one’s own heirs is had? For some cheap plastic things. A noise of boops and bips. Won’t they curse our names?

  3. I bought a used Novation MKIII for that price. Ok, it does not have two more sets of CV/Gate, but it does have full size keys!!!! Thank you.

    1. Yes but also no way to have an arp going on one track and switch to another instrument on MK3 for me it is a game changer on this controller vs my MK3

  4. For $449 I want a frickin’ sound engine in there.
    Only 2 more controller knobs than an Alesis micron/Miniak and a vastly crappier sequencer but for more money,not to mention those crappy mini-keys.
    Guys, we can buy proper synths for less: Bass station 2, Reface etc.
    Don’t fall for the shills online saying how great a deal this is; it’s clearly not.

    1. You have to understand who this hardware 4 track sequencer is aimed at (obviusly not you!) but if you worked with analogue CV synths or module as many of us do yo would realise how useful this hardware sequencer is. Its not a controller keyboard, its a hardware CV sequencer that also happens to have a keyboard for step entry and midi/usb for sync and control of other hardware or even software synths under hardware sequencer control.

    2. It IS a great deal for some use cases, particularly for people with modular gear. Just try and find another controller in this price range that has four independent mod/gate CV outputs plus all the gate outputs and you’ll see how on that metric alone this is a great buy.

      This product isn’t targeted at people who want a cheap synth, it’s meant for people with disparate gear that want to be able to control and interface it all. If you want a Minilogue or Reface feel free to buy one (they’re cheap and quite nice), but they won’t do what this controller will.

  5. This has to be the twilight zone. Someone calls a great sequencer a toy, then another says a great sequencer with scales, step editing, 4 tracks, tons of polyphony, midi, cv and drum triggers, has to have a synth engine in it to justify $450.00 when the bass station 2 is $349.00 with a hot garbage sequencer. So the synth is 349 so the 4 sequencer tracks and all the other stuff is 100 bucks?
    But besides all that, who looks at a midi/cv sequencer and ask for a synthesizer when stores carry synthesizers.
    You’re not going to get a hat and a shirt to match the $100 sneakers you bought, so how does that fall in line with your argument.
    Reality is awesome!

  6. Nice product. Great design. Yes, they are becoming more expensive but in the Eurorack world this is relatively inexpensive for a controller. I own one of the earlier models and love all the CV connectivity!!!

    I think we won’t see this product for awhile due to the pandemic n business at a crawl. Bummer but the new ‘Normal’ as they say!

  7. I already have a midi keyboard, so can I link it with the drumstep to get this kind of functionality, or am I better off getting the keystep pro? Sorry for not reading the marketing materials but I’m guessing some of you have

  8. Upon reappraisal,I can see the appeal (and price) attractiveness of this product. From a purely musicians perspective, ergo, someone who likes to create actual finnished songs and perform them live, it IS very limited. But from a purely modular user perspective, ergo someone who spent endless cash on component parts that create monotonous, self-absorbed filter sweeps and fart noises… and needs to sequence them… then it’s a great deal!
    Ps. Troll-like sarcasm intentional!
    Pps. I still don’t trust a company that can’t properly reproduce a virtual Prophet VS.

  9. Really hope they will make a beatstep pro 2 with all these features minus the keyboard. Who needs more keys.. reason I did not buy a beatstep pro jet is because of the monophonic tracks, this looks awesome! But I don’t need more keyboards…

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