Elektron Overbridge 2.0 Now Available As Free Download

Elektron has announced that Overbridge 2.0, in beta testing since 2018, is now available as a free download.

Overbridge 2.0 is designed to provide power editing tools and DAW integration for compatible Elektron instruments. Dedicated VST and AU plugins integrate Elektron devices into your DAW as if they were software instruments, while the stand-alone plugins have built-in multi-tracking capabilities.

For owners of compatible gear, Overbridge 2.0 is a free update that adds powerful capabilities to devices that they may have purchased as long as 8 years ago.


  • Overbridge works with the following Elektron products:
    • Digitakt
    • Digitone
    • Digitone Keys
    • Analog Rytm MKI/MKII
    • Analog Four MKI/MKII
    • Analog Heat MKI/MKII
    • Analog Keys
  • Fully integrate your Overbridge compatible Elektron instruments with Ableton Live, Logic, Bitwig, Studio One, and other DAWs
  • Assign LFOs, visualize samples and automate parameters via the Overbridge Plugin inside a DAW. The plugin interface provides a different view of an Elektron machine
  • Stream multi-channel audio over USB
  • Utilize your Elektron instrument as a high-performance stand-alone sound card
  • Record individual tracks within the stand-alone applications, for working without a DAW
  • Process digital audio from your computer with analog hardware instruments (Analog Heat, Analog Rytm & Analog Four)
  • Use Total Recall to store your project and instrument settings inside your DAW project for quick access later
  • Manage and organize presets, samples, kits, and projects
  • Integrate with multiple instruments simultaneously, powered via Overhub

Overbridge 2.0 is available now as a free download.

If you’ve used Overbridge 2.0, share your thoughts on it in the comments.

30 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge 2.0 Now Available As Free Download

  1. And there it is! I knew it would be the first comment. God forbid its free and people say thank you. Not like they just hit the “Make software button”. Behringer teases something thats not coming out for 2-3 years and all the comments are “Thank you ULI” like he runs synthtopia. Maybe just say thank you keep and enjoying the free stuff!

    1. Sean’s comment doesn’t seem like a criticism, but more a statement that Elektron has been pretty thorough with their beta testing.

      It’s fair to criticize Elektron for their announcement being too early (and Behringer, too!), but Overbridge pretty much blows away the computer/DAW integration of just about any other synthesizer.

      Can you think of any other company adding this big of a feature to gear after it’s been on the market so long?

    2. I simply meant I have been using overbridge with my Mk1 A4 and RYTM for over a year now without any problems at all so the out of beta thing isn’t a big deal for me.

      1. Big enough of a deal to leave a comment downplaying a finished release. Not trying to blow smoke, or not that much smoke, just a weird juxtaposition of commenting to go from all complaints at any mention of overbridge to a “psssh” comment after its complete. Stable or not, beta and finished is very different in the development world so appreciation for their commitment should be given. Thats all. I dont mean to be a douche, i just happen to read waaaaay too many internet comments. In real life, you get a dollar and say thank you, on the internet, you ask why the dollar is folded and where is the other dollar.

        1. ‘Stable for a long time’. ‘Almost seems like an anti-climax’. Exactly what part of that can one read as negative? The English language is nuanced, let’s not reduce it to platitudes just to avoid misinterpretation. He even finished the sentence with an exclamation mark!! Couldn’t be clearer!!!

        2. Oh I could have down played it a lot more after waiting more than 5 years for something to be finished I was sold as a feature when I bought my first Elektron gear. There are still issues and there is still too much latency to be useful in many cases. Being bale to disable the audio over usb to just use it as a midi editor only mode and take the audio in love would be far more useful and many people requested this 5 years ago…oh, and we still have to load samples and presets of midi FFS. There, I feel better now, thanks.

    3. Saying thank you for a feature that was advertised when consumers bought a product but was absent for years? No thanks. What’s next, going to thank Arturia for updating the Matrixbrute firmware?

    4. I get your point and don’t entirely disagree but anyone who’s been buying Elektron gear consistently over the last few years – has – been paying for overbridge.

  2. No Monomachine support? Jerks.

    I kid I kid – super stoked to have this for my Analog Keys. My only gripe with that machine is the tiny screen – using it with overbridge it’s like a different animal.

  3. Thanks Elektron! Having been bummed with v1 years ago, I could never bring myself to stick with going through v2 and the firmware upgrades it needed. Glad to see it’s finally stable and I can upgrade. Woooo!

  4. I’ve been using Overbridge 2.0 beta with my Analog Heat Mk1 for some time now, and one thing that annoys me is that when loading up a DAW session (using Studio One 4 prof) containing an instance of OB vst it takes ages for the AH to synchronise to the plugin and load up the setting. Like we’re talking sometimes up to a minute. Am I the only one experiencing this or is it “normal”?

    1. Tom, I’ve used my AH mk1 with Overbridge for years both version 1 and 2 and newer has it slowed down loading times or took long to synchronize. I’m using Live 10 and Windows 10.

  5. As a new user who recently purchased a used Tone and Takt, this is a wonderful thing to have access to. I’m still generally learning the machines from the panels (I prefer performing DAW-less), but the ability to bring in and organize MY samples from my computer – without much fuss – is fantastic… Thanks, Elektron! Also, the recent OS upgrades on those machines are GREAT – so double thanks! -ant

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