ROLI Studio Now Available Unbundled

ROLI has announced that ROLI Studio, a collection of their MPE software synths, is now available unbundled from their hardware.

ROLI Studio features two plugins: ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums.


  • 100s of MPE and standard MIDI presets in player versions of ROLI’s Equator, and FXpansion’s Cypher2 and Strobe2 synth engines.
  • Unique production and composition tools, like Smart Chords and a Multi Layered Arpeggiator (ROLI Studio Player).
  • The world’s first MPE drums engine (ROLI Studio Drums).
  • Integrates with standard workflows

Pricing and Availability

ROLI Studio is available with an intro prices of $99 (normally $120).

3 thoughts on “ROLI Studio Now Available Unbundled

  1. This is free right now if you have a Novation Sound Collective account (by having a registered hardware product). The chord and arpeggiator functions in ROLI Studio Player are pretty cool together. The sounds are nice, especially if you can play them with MPE and/or have any of the underlying ROLI/FXExpansion synths.

    1. Good catch. Thanks for that. With Roli Studio installed, I’m trying to purchase the upgrades, however when I add the upgrade to the cart, it tells me that I need to add the upgrade to the cart. I’ll try it again later.

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