Universal Audio Intros LUNA Recording System

Universal Audio (UA) has introduced the LUNA Recording System, a new music production workstation that’s available as a free download for Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo and Arrow owners.

UA says that LUNA transforms Apollo into “the most inspiring and fully integrated recording system available”.

LUNA’s Accelerated Realtime Monitoring gives users seamless hardware-software integration for capturing audio through UAD plug-ins, with no discernible latency.

LUNA also offers a full suite of built-in instruments and extensions, including Studer multitrack tape and Neve summing, and LUNA Instruments from Moog, UA, Spitfire Audio, and others.


  • Free UA recording application for all macOS-based Thunderbolt Apollo and Arrow users
  • Accelerated Realtime Monitoring provides analog-style tracking and overdubbing
  • Deep Apollo and Arrow integration for a fast, natural workflow
  • Built-in Neve Summing extension for instant classic console sound
  • Integrated Oxide and Studer multitrack tape delivers warmth and punch on demand
  • LUNA Instruments include Ravel grand piano, Moog Minimoog, and Shape creative toolkit
  • Unlimited track count, or as many as your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac will handle
  • Contextual editing and browsing — the system intelligently switches tools and viewing modes based on workflow
  • Runs all UAD and Audio Units (AU) plug-ins and instruments
  • Session Auto-Save — LUNA is constantly saving, so you’ll never lose your work again
  • AAF imports allow you to import sessions from other major DAWs using the industry-standard Advanced Authoring Format (AAF)

Note: The LUNA Recording System includes ARP, Shape, and Oxide Tape Recorder. All other plug-ins, Extensions, and Instruments are sold separately.

Pricing and Availability

LUNA is available as a free download for all Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo and Arrow audio interface owners for macOS systems only. LUNA is not compatible with Apollo FireWire or Apollo Twin USB.

7 thoughts on “Universal Audio Intros LUNA Recording System

  1. Luna? I miss my Creamware Luna II and Pulsar DSP cards and softsynths. That system was way ahead of its time.

    1. Oh man. I was obsessed with trying to get the Creamware system back in the late 90s. Such a cool system, and definitely agree, way ahead of its time.

  2. Overpriced Interfaces and Plugins an now Luna. This one gets a price for the most worthless DAW, sorry, wannabe-DAW.

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