STG Soundlabs Boatrocker Powers Up Mother-32 Style Eurorack Cases

Suit & Tie Guy contacted us to let us know that his new STG Soundlabs Boat Rocker – a drop-in mod that turns your old Moog Mother-32 style case into a standalone powered Eurorack case – is now available.

The Boat Rocker was originally designed to let people that have moved one of Moog’s Eurorack-compatible synths into a larger system put their empty case to good use. It will drop into an empty Moog Mother-32, DFAM, BFAM, Subharmonicon or Spectravox boat.

It goes beyond existing power options by taking advantage of the Moog case’s existing connections, providing two independent power groups and supporting the STG Sync Bus.

The Boat Rocker is powered from a 15 volt external “brick” style PSU, which is included. It provides the +12v, -12v, and +5v rails from there, in two independently-regulated groups of 5 connectors each. Each group can absolutely provide at least 500mA per rail, giving you a full amp of each rail in the case total.

In addition, the Boat Rocker incorporates an integrated STG Sync Bus distribution to 4 connectors. The Sync Bus can be used to distribute sync signals, connected via your case’s rear panel 1/4″ TRS jack.

Note: The Boat Rocker is specifically designed for empty Moog synth cases. STG plans additional versions of the board for other applications, including Moog and Behringer Eurorack cases and DIY applications.

Pricing and Availability

The Boat Rocker is available now for $199 USD, with an estimated lead time of 2 weeks.

8 thoughts on “STG Soundlabs Boatrocker Powers Up Mother-32 Style Eurorack Cases

  1. I was interested until I saw the price. I am not sure why a simple LM317 or 337 could not be used for cheap. It looks like their assembly cost must be insane with all the small ICs. Hopefully someone else can do this for cheaper. Instead of a bus board, maybe just allow a flying bus cable the user supplies.

  2. The price doesn’t seem that far out of line to me, for a PSU with decent capacity integrated onto a busboard, with the brick included. A bottom-tier uZeus with a flying bus cable that has half the connections, plus the 3A brick, is already around $120. A top-of-the-line Genus Modu busboard is $130 and that’s with no power supply…

    On the other hand, you can pick up a used Mantis case with built-in PSU and busboards (which is fine IMHO) for about $250. So the price range of things varies quite a bit…

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