Soundation Collab Live ‘Like Google Docs For Music Production’

Soundation has announced Collab Live, a new online tool for ‘multi-player’ music creation that they describe as “Google Docs, but for music production.”

With Collab Live, you can invite anyone in the world to your project. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and your collaborators’ usernames or email addresses. Sharing settings allow you to configure permissions the way you like.

Soundation says that there’s no limit on how many people can be in a single project, so applications range from small group remote collaborations to distance learning with a virtual classroom of students.

Automatic Sync

With Collab Live, every move you make is auto-saved and synced in real-time.
Collab Live also lets you share imported or recorded audio in an instant, letting your collaborators hear the track the way you hear it.

Collab Live also lets you see collaborators’ cursors and actions, as they make them.

Pricing and Availability

Collab Live is available now in a beta version for all users. It’s free to try on a single project. Unlimited projects are available with their $6.99/month Premium service.

4 thoughts on “Soundation Collab Live ‘Like Google Docs For Music Production’

  1. Why would you pay a subscription fee to use a new and probably subpar daw when you could just use the daw you own and share the project files on something like google drive? I get that maybe it synchronizes quicker but people are very picky about their daws and most don’t like subscription models so that seems like hard sell.

  2. Hmmm, here it says “unlimited projects for $6.99/month premium service”, on the website it says “Premium: 10 projects”.

    I know this is in Beta, but if the features are this poorly established I’ll back away and continue with Ninjam/Reaper. The provisions for RT interaction seem poorly realized by comparison.

    After over 25 years in IT and 30 years making music, “beta” with a price tag makes me dubious.

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