Mixcloud Debuts Live Music Streaming Platform

Mixcloud today launched Mixcloud LIVE, described as  “the first music-focused, integrated solution to allow audio creators to live stream video, easily archive the audio, and generate an income”.

They say that they’re launching LIVE early, in response to global changes from the Coronavirus pandemic:

“This is something that we all at Mixcloud have been working tirelessly to bring to life, in the right way for our community, over the last few weeks in the shortest turnaround time physically possible. Having built and released Mixcloud LIVE much earlier than we’d normally do, consequently there will be technical bugs and user experience flaws that we are still ironing out. Improving Mixcloud LIVE is now our team’s highest priority – it will get better every day.

We hope that Mixcloud LIVE brings a more interactive, fun and human experience to both creators and listeners at a time when the world is socially distant and the need to feel closer is more important now more than ever.

Details on how to stream with Mixcloud LIVE are available at their site.

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