Arturia Intros Vangelis Preset Library

Arturia has introduced a new preset library for their virtual instruments, Vangelis Tribute 2: Android Dreams.

Created by sound designer Paul Schilling, the sound library features 34 presets inspired by classic synths sounds of Vangelis, offering a mix of iconic synth sounds, noise effects, pulsating sequences, bass, strings and keys.

Here’s what Arturia has to say about it:

“Remember the moment when your synth-tastic self was born. Take a moment to listen to the constant pulsating of quintessential bass sounds.

This incredible sound bank, designed by Paul Schilling, will guide you to become a skillful soundtrack creator. Fire up a deep, melancholic drama with synth pads in minutes. There is no time to wait – inject your future melodies with an aura of cult, neo-noir moods to carry the legacy of Vangelis. Treat your musical self with influential sounds and inspire your future fans with the tradition of the past.”

Audio Demo

Note: Vangelis Tribute 2: Android Dreams is a patch collection for Arturia virtual instruments, including: Analog Lab, CS-80 V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, Piano V, Mellotron V & Synthi V.

Pricing and Availability

Vangelis Tribute 2: Android Dreams is available now for $4.99 USD (normally $9.99).


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