Finegear Intros The Dust Collector, A Retro Analog Multi-Effects Unit

Finegear has introduced The Dust Collector, a new analog multi-effects unit, inspired by vintage effects.

They say that “The Dust Collector is the first of the Arkive_Effects_ series, aiming to honor and expand upon the history of experimentation in music, shaking some of the dust that has settled on the 1970’s.”

The Dust Collector features 2 VC LFOs, 2 tape saturations, a spring reverb, a delay and a phaser. The effects are patchable, so you can insert an effect in the delay’s feedback loop or add modulation to the phaser. You can poke the springs behind a removable cover. And Finegear included several features that you can mod directly on the PCB.

  • LFOs. Two CV outputs, one inverted output and a CV input for speed control.
  • Spring Reverb. Input and output CV controllable VCAs
  • Delay. CV modulated delay time
  • Phaser. CV modulated Depth
  • Bi-colour LEDs to help you visualize modulations.

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The Dust Collector is available now to pre-order for 400,00€, and are expected to ship in July 2020.

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      1. Thanks Jim…just after I wrote the question, I came to asked myself: many springs you can see in the reverb?…indeed enough for a mono channel I replied. I wouldn’t hesitate to try to buy one if it were stero man…thx again!

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