Soniccouture Intros All Saints Choir

Soniccouture has introduced All Saints Choir, a new 32-voice virtual choir for Kontakt Player NKS.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“In collaboration with The New London Chamber Choir, Soniccouture presents their most ambitious sampling project yet.

Featuring traditional SATB choir sections recorded seperately, and true Polyphonic Legato, All Saints Choir perfectly recreates the initimate yet expansive sound of a full chamber choir.”


  • 4 individual choir sections
  • 6 vowel controls with key-switching
  • Sing: dynamic expression
  • Control legato, polyphonic legato + poly modes

Demo Video:

Pricing and Availability:

All Saints Choir is available for $299 USD, with a 30% discount ($209) through May 10, 2020.

One thought on “Soniccouture Intros All Saints Choir

  1. Nice if it works with the Player version of Kontakt. Still, the Spitfire approach strikes me as more interesting. Sure, NKS can be cool if you’re locked into that “ecosystem”. It’s just that it comes with “strings attached” (and not the musical kind).

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