Ableton Releases Soniccouture Mallets Pack

Ableton has released a new pack for Live, Mallets by Soniccouture. Mallets brings two “expertly sampled” melodic percussion instruments, marimba and vibraphone, to Ableton Live. The dark, velvety timbre of the marimba and the vibraphone’s shimmering oscillations were captured using full-range concert models and include the lower octaves often missing from sampled mallets.

Three New Ableton Live Instruments

Ableton has announced three new Partner Instruments to add for Live: Novachord, MachineKits plus Tubular Bells. Soniccouture Novachord – a collection of presets that is based on the faithfully sampled sounds of the Novachord – a gargantuan, tube-based, 72-note polyphonic synthesizer from 1938. Puremagnetik MachineKits – a high quality library of drum machines programmed specifically for Ableton… Read More Three New Ableton Live Instruments