Live Modular Analog Synth Rock

Sunday Synth Jam: Australian band Oolluu perform a live set for Beatport.

Oolluu is a synth rock duo from Melbourne Australia that describes their music as ‘original post and prog rock with a sprinkle of acid techno’.

Band members Ehsan Gelsi (synths) and Ben Crook (drums) play a massive collection of electronic gear, including Nord Drum 3p, Elektron Digitakt & Digitone, Novation Peak & Moog System 55.

7 thoughts on “Live Modular Analog Synth Rock

  1. That’s everything but prog! I feel like many electronic musicians mistake progressive house with progressive rock… that said, the performance is impressive.

  2. OK, everybody was wondering who it was who has been buying Moog System 55 synths. Now you know. Neither of these guys looks like they are retired.

  3. Yeah, these guys rock. Check out some of their other videos under Ehsan Gelsi’s channel on YouTube. Best fusion of acoustic drums and modular synths I’ve seen/heard. They definitely deserve a little more publicity.

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