Rob Papen QUAD Software Synthesizer Now Available For VST/AU/AAX

Rob Papen has announced that QUAD, originally released as a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason, is now available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin.

Here’s what Papen has to say about it:

“The sonic palette is huge, through the vast modulation possibilities that QUAD has to offer. The sound sculpting tools start in each Oscillator and are the Phase Distortion and WaveShaper.
These tools are brought to life by 2 XY-Pads in each Oscillator, which can be moved through an extensive modulation matrix.

QUAD’s Oscillators are complemented by two top-notch analog-modeled Filters, which have different routing options, an arpeggiator, and two high-quality effects processors.”

Pricing and Availability

QUAD is available now with an intro price of $79 USD.

4 thoughts on “Rob Papen QUAD Software Synthesizer Now Available For VST/AU/AAX

  1. Bringggg brinnng! (Picks up land line phone) Why helloooo! How wonderful, 1997 has called to share Rob Papen’s software interface design. So nice to remember the olden days. It’s been ages! Yes, yes, I’ve been telling my grandchildren all about you….. and now here you are! What do you think of the future?

    1. what do you consider an up to date interface design? can you give some examples? Yes I also feel papen interfaces somehow dated, but also very clear and “readable” respect other more modern ones. Trying to distinguish: aestetically IS dated (but not so relevant to me)…in terms of usability, what is your better reference instrument?

  2. everybody has a complaint. I don’t even give 2 seconds time to complaints from people who have the same 8 seconds of experience with the product as I. can we all agree to keep our comments to things that are based upon some experience? Rob Papen has been working 24/7 in this space since before the year 2000. I think he has some ideas as to what would make a good software interface design. And it might take more than an 8 second evaluation to judge.

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