Joué Intros Play Modular MIDI Controller

Joué has launched a Kickstarter to fund production of Play, a more affordable version of its modular music controller platform.

They say that “We decided to create a new instrument that would enable anyone to start making music. An instrument that’s really easy to use and fun, while being sufficiently powerful and evolutive to take you far into your music creation.”

Like the original Joué controller, the Joué Play pairs a base with a pressure sensitive sensor with a collection of modular overlays. The modular overlays let the controller adapt to a variety of purposes. When you swap overlays, the role of the controller automatically changes to match the overlay.

Pricing and Availability

The Joué Play is available to project backers starting at $289 USD.

12 thoughts on “Joué Intros Play Modular MIDI Controller

    1. That sucks, Mr. Wonka!

      How many projects have you supported and been ripped off? Has it only been on Pledge Music?

      I did a quick google on “Pledge Music” and it seems they went out of business last year. (

      While “PledgeMusic considered itself a direct-to-fan platform as opposed to a crowdfunding website,” kickstarter IS a crowdfunding site and just celebrated their 11 year anniversary, and offers supporter protections.

      I’ve supported at least half a dozen projects on both kickstarter and indiegogo, with pledges ranging from $10 to $250, and received all products as described. Only one project was late, and only by a month, but check this out – the creator proactively contacted me to apologize and gave me free shipping to compensate for the delay!

      I found out a few things about Joué as well:

      • Joué successfully completed their last kickstarter project
      • This project met and exceeded it’s funding goals in 3 days
      • Pascal, the owner, is experienced in the field having started the Jazz Mutant company that designed and developed the well known LEMUR controllers, so he has a reputation for quality products
      • You can read more info about the company here:

      If you like this project, it looks like a safe one to fund, and perhaps a good time to give crowdfunding another try.

      And so you know– I have zero stake in kickstarter or Joué. I don’t work for either, nor do I get any kickbacks.

      I took the time to type this up because I would hate for a fellow creative like you to miss out on supporting a product they would enjoy and get good use of because of a bad experience on another site.


        1. Hi weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee–

          First off– the “mrs community manager” moniker gave me a chuckle!

          As for the rest…

          Like I said, I have no vested interest in this product or kickstarter– I am just a fellow creative who wanted to speak to Mr Wonka’s concerns about the risk of crowdfunding based on his negative experience with PledgeMusic, and offer my own positive crowdfunding experiences.

          I have no opinion on their choice to make MPE a paid feature, and I’m not certain I fully understand your qualms with their choice of marketing adjectives.

          That being said, if a paid firmware upgrade to turn on MPE is a turn off and deal breaker for you, I would in no way try to convince you otherwise!

          I fully respect your right to feel as you do, even as far as calling it a “noncense paywall.”


    1. Hi Okeribok!

      I was curious about the differences too and I found a chart on the kickstarter project under the section “What is the difference with its predecessor?” comparing the PLAY and PRO versions!

      I understand how you may have missed it, as it’s about 2/3 of the way down the page.

      I also went to the site for further comparison, and was pleasantly surprised.

      Play seems like a excellent deal compared to the original, and I personally prefer the Play’s selection of pads compared to those that come with the Pro.

      I hope this was helpful.


  1. To be clear: the Joué Play doesn’t support MPE out of the box, though it’ll be possible to switch it to Pro mode through a kind of paid firmware unlock.

    “The Joué Play is not MPE but the Pro is full MPE compatible. That being said, you can start with a Joué Play and you will be able to upgrade it later on to a “Pro firmware” if you want to unlock all the features such as MPE. Now, you are right, it’s a matter of choice :)”

  2. Pay to unlock MPE? So it supports MPE out of the box but you won’t be able to use it unless you pay? Forget about it

  3. Not really interested in the music controller, but I did want to try the Adobe Premiere controller. Looks like they’ve abandoned that overlay with the new updates.

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