Roland System 100m Hands-On Demo

In his latest video, Alex Ball takes an in-depth look at the classic Roland System 100m synthesizer from 1979.

Ball demonstrates four patches and then explains the modules involved in creating each patch.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:44 Patch 1 Drum n Bass (Demonstration)
1:44 Patch 1 Drum n Bass (Explanation)
4:04 Patch 2 Rate Speech (Demonstration)
4:39 Patch 2 Rate Speech (Explanation)
6:01 Patch 3 Jupiter 100m (Demonstration)
7:11 Patch 3 Jupiter 100m (Explanation)
8:00 Patch 4 Dial-Up (Demonstration)
9:30 Patch 4 Dial-Up (Explanation)
14:12 Outro

Modules used:

110 VCO / VCF / VCA
112 Dual VCO
121 Dual Filter
130 Dual VCA
131 Output Mixer
132 Voltage Processor / Mixer
140 Dual Envelope / LFO
150 Ring Mod / S&H / Noise / LFO
165 Dual Portamento
172 Phaser / Audio Delay / Gate Delay / LFO
182 Sequencer
184 Polyphonic 4CV Keyboard
191-J 5 module case with multiples

Ball has shared more info on the System 100m at his site.

If you’ve used the Roland System 100m, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “Roland System 100m Hands-On Demo

  1. I had two of them. They sounded thin. Good for bleeps and weird noise, but I never found them to be musically inspiring in the way a Minimoog is.

  2. What kind of crappy laptop speakers are you guys listening to this through? Try listening through some decent monitors or headphones. Plenty of bottom end.

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