Moundrag Makes Keyboard Solos Cool Again

Sunday Synth Jam: Moundrag is doing their part to make keyboard solos cool.

Here’s their live performance of My Woman, recorded at the La Chapelle by le Studio in Rennes, France.

Moundrag is made up of brothers Camille Goellaen Duvivier on vocals, organ, moog,melotron and piano; and Colin Goellaen Duvivier on vocals, drums, gong and percussions.

They describe what their music as hard progressive heavy psych. Whatever you call it, though, it looks like they’re having fun and it’s a lot of music from two people.

You can watch their full performance below:

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Moundrag Makes Keyboard Solos Cool Again

  1. From the very first second I see a drummer that looks like Carl Palmer in 1970 wearing a necklace with the Magma logo. SOLD!

    Love these guys from now on.

  2. BEAUTIFUL. Now, this is a modern hard prog! I’m going to support them because they so deserve it!

  3. When I first heard these guys it made me think of Ian Paice and John Lord of Deep Purple. I wish they’d tour the states after this virus is over!!!

  4. great job for a duo. there’s plenty of keyboards here but not much keyboard soloing per se — a la emerson or wakeman. more of a 1960s era uriah heep or iron butterfly redux.

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